what's smokeless cigarette? - what's vaping?

As we known, health electronic cigarettes structure contain, tobacco rod (battery), e liquid composed of three parts, naturally, segmentation and suction nozzle and battery.Everybody is very interested in learning these most is how to work?Let everyone at ordinary times on lighting the cigarette into the civilized environmental protection e cigarette now?- 521 Tab by Coilmaster

The first structure of health e cigarette: atomizer

E-cigarettes atomizer is amongst the core of electronic cigarettes, it's good or bad directly impact on the flavors and flavor of liquid atomization out smoke.Atomizer structure is often a heating components, over the battery heating, make its ejuice volatilization, next to the formation of smoke.Round the guide oil cotton resistance wire number of turns as well as the amount of capacity to smoke electronic cigarettes, the larger the voltage or greater the resistance small the relative out smoke.New SURPASS series electronic cigarettes day strength, wide range of smoke, usually do not leak, avoid hot temperature working condition to make harmful gases.And can replace the atomization core, convenient and concise unpick and wash, make e cigarette are more durable.

E cigarette's second structure: e cigarette battery

Health electronic cigarette can also be called electronic cigarette battery, internal mainly carries a light-emitting diodes (leds), PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, all sorts of electronic circuits.Its main role is within the process of smoking induced venting and secondary battery discharge power, will ejuice atomization, electronic cigarette butt department LED red glow concurrently, the simulation from the a feeling of smoking.Differs from the others on different tobacco
rod structure, usage differs also, ego battery series more, have with led lights and without, you must carefully glance at the instructions when utilizing, or ask owner clear before use.

The next smokeless cigarette structure: Electronic cigarette e liquid (E juice)

Electronic can be used using the e cigarette eliquid atomization, with the e cigarette atomizer heating, can create the fog like cigarettes.E cig oil consumption level or medical level could be the main portion of glycerol, propylene glycol polyglycol, nicotine, and cigarette flavor.Some electronic e liquid also includes nicotine composition, mainly due to the taste is more near to the cigarette.So far no-one can be equivalent on the smell of smoke, smoke fluid making the effort to simulate.Liquid concentration, the greater the more smoke choking voice, low smoke fluid density can't stop smoking, smoke fluid directly determines the quality of the electronic cigarette taste.

Following the introduction of small make up, you know about health e cig?For those who have a cigarette, then please choose electronic cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes, so that you can you and your family's health.Electronic cigarette don't have to burn, using electric breath is not an cloud of smoke, but smoke after heating oil atomization gas, in to the air will disappear immediately won't damage others health.- 521 Tab by Coilmaster


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